Continuous Integration and Deployment

CloudRepo fits perfectly into any continuous integration and deployment pipeline with access to the Internet.

Fully compatible with any cloud based CI tool, we do our best to provide examples to assist our partners here.

BitBucket Pipelines

CloudRepo works seamlessly with BitBucket Pipelines. Below is a list of guides we have written. If you’d like a guide written for a different technology, please let us know.

Please reference our documentation dedicated to BitBucket Pipelines Integrations for detailed, step-by-step instructions.


We built an example for using GitLab with a CloudRepo Python Repository.

CircleCI and Others

If you need assistance configuring CircleCI or other continuous integration platforms, we’d love to put an example together for you.

That’s actually how the existing examples were generated, to assist one of our partners!

Simply let us know by emailing our support team and we’ll get you something ASAP!