Integrate CloudRepo into your Slack Workflow

Your team works within Slack, the more business awareness that can be pushed into Slack the more time they can remain focused.
CloudRepo introduced integration with Slack so that high perfomance development teams could be notified and respond to events in your package repository.
CloudRepo can be configured to fire Slack Incoming Webhooks on a per repository for the following events:

File Downloads

Curious as to who is downloading your packages?

With Slack Integration, whenever a download occurs, the downloader information can be pushed to a Slack Channel


File Uploads

Monitor the flow of files into your repositories.

Trigger post build processes once your files have completed upload.

Support your teams workflow by integrating Slack notifications for CloudRepo file uploads.


File Deletion

While file deletions from package repositories are relatively rare, your team may still want to be notified when they occur.

Once configured, CloudRepo will notify your Slack channel anytime a file is deleted from your repository.