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Our Competitive Advantages

  • 100% Cloud Based Artifact Repository
  • Fully Managed Solution
  • Built on top of Amazon S3
  • Extremely Competitive Pricing
  • Free 14 day trial!
How can your prices be so low?

We've taken advantage of the economies of scale in the cloud and we've passed the low costs on to our customers.

Additionally, we don't have large teams of sales and marketing people to pay which keeps our overhead low, which keeps our prices low. Our established competitors can't come close to our pricing, even when you run the hardware yourself!!

Do you offer larger plans?

We feel that our pricing plan scales competitively as your teams needs grow.

However, if you are expecting a large volume of regular downloads, please contact our Sales team, to discuss your particular situation.

Can I try CloudRepo without a Credit Card?

Yes, absolutely! Our 14-day free trial allows you and your team to have full access to CloudRepo, no credit card required!

How do you compare to your competitor's pricing?

We have created a Comparison page which answers that question. Please take a look and see the savings your company can experience by switching to CloudRepo today!

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