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Storage Transfer Price
1 GB 1 GB / mo $9 / mo Try It
5 GB 5 GB / mo $29 / mo Try It
10 GB 40 GB / mo $49 / mo Try It
100 GB 100 GB / mo $99 / mo Try It
1 TB 1 TB / mo $299 / mo Try It
10 TB 10 TB / mo $1999 / mo Try It
10+ TB 10+ TB / mo Let's Talk

All Plans Include:


Fully Managed

Eliminate the costs and overhead of running your own servers.


14-Day Free Trial

Try before you buy.


Public Repositories

Share your libraries with your customers.


Private Repositories

Protect your artifacts so only your team can download them.


Unlimited Users

Stop paying per user. You shouldn't have to pay more just because you have a larger team.


Unlimited Repositories

Organize your artifacts into as may repositories as you need.


SSL Data Transfer

All transfer of your artifacts is protected with SSL.


Data Encrypted at Rest

Keep your artifacts safe with this additional level of security.


Extremely Competitive Pricing

Save money on infrastructure. Spend it on building your product instead.


Web Based Administration

Manage your CloudRepo account, users, and repositories through our administrator portal.

Frequently Asked Questions


How can your prices be so low?

We've taken advantage of the economies of scale in the cloud and we've passed the low costs on to our customers.

Additionally, we don't have large teams of sales and marketing people to pay which keeps our overhead low, which keeps our prices low.

Our established competitors can't come close to our pricing, even when you run the hardware yourself!


Do you offer larger plans?

We've found that our pricing plans fit most of our customers.

However, if you are expecting storage or transfer needs larger than those listed above, please contact our Sales team to discuss your particular situation.


Which payment methods do you take?

CloudRepo accepts all major credit cards.


Can I try CloudRepo without a Credit Card?

Yes, absolutely! Our 14-day free trial allows you and your team to have full access to CloudRepo, no credit card required!