Is Your Team Hosting Their Own Maven Repositories?

How much time, money, and productivity are you losing?

Both small teams and large organizations developing with Java or Java Virtual Machine (JVM) related technologies use maven to manage their dependencies and private artifacts.

They implement repository managment by running local repositories on internal servers, maintained by one or more members of the engineering team.

Whether you're using an open source or commercially licensed repository manager, you need to be aware of the hidden costs of running and maintaining your own servers.


When you host your own maven repositories, it costs your team valuable time that could be better spent working on projects that are critical to your business goals and objectives.

In addition to unexpected downtime, members of your engineering team will spend time on the following tasks required to keep your local repository servers up and running:

  • Applying Software and OS Patches

  • Monitoring Disk Space

  • Performing Backups and Recovery

  • Upgrading the Local Repository Server

  • Applying and Enforcing Security Policies

  • Worrying About High Availability

With CloudRepo, all of these time sinks are eliminated from your team's shoulders and become our responsibility.


When you host your own internal maven repositories, you will directly spend money on the following:


Servers, hard disks, and network hardware are all things you need to purchase when you're hosting your own maven repositories.

Licensing Fees

Licensing fees vary with the particular maven server you're licensing, but these fees are in addition to your hardware costs.

CloudRepo's subscription model provides a simple, monthly subscription fee based on the amount of storage you use. No more hidden costs to worry about.


As a manager of an engineering team, you know that productivity is one of the most difficult metrics to measure. However, productivity is also one of the most important metrics to achieve for business success.

Hosting your own internal maven repositories can impact your team's productivity when the repository server becomes overloaded or unavailable.

When this happens your team's development process can come to a screeching halt while your developers wait for the server to come back online.

CloudRepo was built from the ground up to be highly available and scalable so that an outage of one server, or a spike in load, does not impact your team's productivity.

Unburden your team and save money and time when you move to CloudRepo.

Signup takes less than 20 seconds.

Setup your account in less than a minute and never worry about running your own local repository servers again.

Fully Managed Maven Repositories

We manage your remote repositories, so your team doesn't have to.

Public Maven Repositories

Public access to maven artifacts stored in CloudRepo remote repositories allows your users to read and write to CloudRepo by simply configuring your maven project file to point at the CloudRepo repository url.

Any apache maven compatible tool or HTTPS client can read from our remote repositories. Writes to CloudRepo remote repositories always require write permissions granted via access control.

Leverage CloudRepo's remote repositories as a highly available distribution platform for your apache maven binaries, libraries, or other artifacts.

An Alternative to the Maven Central Repository

The Maven Central Repository is the world's largest remote repository and stores the majority of the world's open source, public artifacts. By default, all maven project files use the Maven Central Repository to retrieve artifacts.

While this central public repository server works well for some teams, it may not be the right fit for your team, especially if you wish to publish private artifacts as well.

Whether you're frustrated with the upload process of Maven Central or you just want to have more control over your maven artifacts, CloudRepo provides a simple, easy to use, alternative to the Maven Central Repository.

Private Maven Repositories

Private repositories restrict access of your private artifacts to authorized individuals.

Just like public repositories, private repositories allow read and write access to your private artifacts via any apache maven compatible tool or HTTPS client.

Credentials are required to access any private artifacts stored within private maven repositories. Read and write permissions are granted via access control.

Eliminate the need to install, manage, and maintain your internal maven repositories by moving your maven projects to CloudRepo.

We manage all of your private artifacts, so you don't have to.

Global Access

All CloudRepo remote repositories are globally accessible and available to your team via HTTPS URLs from any internet connection.

Have remote employees or other team members? No longer will they struggle or fight with VPN or other network configuration when accessing your repositories.


Apache Maven Support

Apache Maven requires either a local repository or remote repository to push/pull public or private artifacts from.

Configure Apache Maven project file to read and write from your CloudRepo remote repositories just as you would any other remote repository server.

No maven plugins, special command line tools, or anything needed.


Public and Private Maven Repositories

CloudRepo allows you to share your remote repositories with the public by providing the ability to create a public repositories. Distribute your repository url to your customers, no access control required.

If you want your remote repositories to be accessed solely by your team, use a private repository.

All access to private repositories are protected by access control which require user level authentication in order to read and write.

Benefits of Hosting your Repositories in the Cloud

All of the benefits of hosting your repositories in the cloud are included with every CloudRepo subscription.

High Availability

When your team needs access to your repositories, they must be available. If your repositories are down for any reason, your team will be blocked.

CloudRepo hosts your repositories across multiple servers so, even if multiple servers go down, your business can keep operating without impact.


Data Redundancy

Your maven artifacts are critical to your organization.

When you host your maven repositories on a single server, in a single location, you're putting these artifacts at risk.

CloudRepo stores your artifacts redundantly across multiple locations and availability zones.


Automatic Scalability

Running your local repositories on a single server makes it difficult to scale when load increases.

When you host your repositories with CloudRepo, our servers scale automatically without any interruption to your team.

The days of overloading your local repository server are over when you move your artifacts to CloudRepo.


Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is on the mind of every engineering leader.

If you lose your local repository server and all your artifacts in a disaster, what will happen to your business?

Moving to CloudRepo, disaster recovery is no longer something you have to worry about.

Securing Your Repositories

Nothing is more important than the security of your data.
CloudRepo has been architected from the ground up with security in mind.

User Management

Grant your users read and write permissions via the access control features of CloudRepo.

We also offer integration with Okta if you'd like to manage access control with Okta.


Access Controls

CloudRepo offers two types of access for your repository users: read/write or read only.

Users with read/write access can upload and download maven artifacts.

Users with read only permissions can only read artifacts.


Encryption at Rest

When your maven artifacts aren't being accessed, they are stored encrypted at rest.

Encryption at rest protects your data from unauthorized access.


SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

All APIs are restricted to HTTPS in order to protect the privacy of maven artifacts while they're in flight.

CloudRepo Pricing


Industry Leading Pricing

No one comes close to matching or beating our pricing.

Save time and money when you host all of your maven repositories with CloudRepo.


Unlimited Data Transfer

We don't want your team to worry about data transfer limits to and from your repositories, so for business plans we removed them!