Reliably Store Your Maven Artifacts

Running your own private maven repository?
How much does it really cost when your private maven repository is unavailable?
Does your entire build process grind to a halt?
What about your development team?
What's the cost of an outage when your developers are blocked, even for an hour?
The reality is that every hour your private maven repository is unavailable can cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in lost productivity.
That's the real cost of running your own private maven repository.
CloudRepo reduces this cost by offering fully managed, highly available, secure, and reliable private maven repositories.
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Leverage the Power of the Cloud

CloudRepo runs across multiple servers and stores all data in highly redundant storage. Hardware and disk failures no longer impact your development process.


Eliminate Downtime

Make Maven Repository downtime a thing of the past. CloudRepo provides reliable public and private maven repositories for your team.


Reduce Operational Cost

Free up your people to work directly on your product, instead of maintaining and operating a private maven repository.

Our partners love us, you will too.

Looking for testimonials? Check out what others are saying about CloudRepo.
I am really happy with CloudRepo because of your customer support, you also spent time with me to help complete our project. The price of CloudRepo is also very competitive.

Your software is solid for being so young and we hope to consolidate our binaries from two disparate sources into CloudRepo.

I am thoroughly finished with Artifactory and JFrog on the whole.


We've been using CloudRepo daily, it's pretty baked in to our build process at the moment and I can say we are greatly enjoying it.

It's made our dependency management much easier.

Stats We're Proud Of:

We've been working hard to build the best private maven repository manager out there.
Here's what we've achieved so far:

Over 1 Million Requests and Growing

CloudRepo has reliably handled over One Million Requests and counting. Store your artifacts with confidence knowing that CloudRepo will be available when your team needs it.


Trailing 60+ Day, 100% Uptime

For over 60 days we've had 100% uptime for our partners. We're transparent about our uptime and publish any partner impacting events to our Status Page.


World Class Support

When you reach out to our support team, you will always receive a reply from a person, as soon as possible.

We care about our partners and we're always here to help them.

Stop Wasting Time and Resources on Nexus and Artifactory


Simple Subscription Model

Stop paying high, per-user license fees. Switch to our competitive subscription model and support all of your users!


Forget Disk and Hardware Failures

Never worry about a hardware failure impacting your developers again. CloudRepo scales across multiple servers to provide high availability.


Get Started in Seconds

Getting started is as easy as signing up! Once you're signed up, you'll be able to create a repository immediately.


Standards Support

Configure Maven to use CloudRepo as you would any other repository. No special tools needed.


JVM Ecosystem

Using Leiningen, SBT, Gradle, or other JVM technologies? Our Maven repositories support all of these.


Embrace the Power of the Cloud

CloudRepo was built from the ground up to work within the Cloud. Experience all the benefits for yourself by switching to CloudRepo today.

Product Support

JVM Technology Support

Programming on the JVM? CloudRepo supports all Maven based package managers: Leiningen and Boot for Clojure, SBT for Scala, Ivy for Gradle, and of course Maven for Java.

Python Support

CloudRepo supports the PyPi protocol and can be used to store binaries, libraries, etc in a private PyPi repository.

Single Sign-on Compatible

CloudRepo works with OKTA, a cloud based single sign on provider. Manage your repository users from Okta and don't worry about managing your user list in two places.