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Cloud Based

Stop spending your time and money on in-house operations by moving to the cloud.

Running your own hardware costs more than just time, it costs people resources as well.

Cost Competitive

Move to CloudRepo and you'll have more money to spend elsewhere.

Already in the Cloud? Our prices are much lower than our competitors.

Highly Available

Avoid developer downtime. CloudRepo is built from the ground up to be highly available to avoid costly outages.

If your developers can't work because the component server is down, how much productivity is lost?


Protect your software components from prying eyes.

Keep your components secure with Authenticated Access, SSL Transfer, and Data Encryption at Rest.

Highly Available and Reliable Cloud Solution

Look, if your developers can't work because they can't download their software dependencies, how much is that going to cost you?

Ever lost the single disk where your in-house repository was storing all of your components? No backups? Oops.

These are the long tail, significant costs of running your own repositories in-house.

We've been there. We've felt the pain. We built CloudRepo.

Switch to CloudRepo and your data will be stored in Amazon S3, across multiple physical locations, so the impact of disk failures go away, forever.

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Save Time and Money!

You have an annual budget.

You'd probably like to spend less on boring tools like 'Software Component Repositories' and more on things like 'Making the Next Facebook' or whatever your development team is working on.

The per-user licensing fees for the in-house solutions can become very expensive, very quickly.

Our pseudo-cloud based competitors (the ones who'll run a single VM for you and call it 'cloud') are going to charge you huge markups on data transfer and storage.

We won't.

Switch to CloudRepo and take advantage of our tiered approach to pricing.

Reduce your annual spending on these types of tools and spend it on growing your business instead.

We'll help you.

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Built for Teams of All Sizes

Are you a solopreneur? Just getting started?

Or, are you the DevOps lead supporting a massively large team of software engineers?

Most likely you're somewhere in between.

We have specifically designed our pricing tiers to accomodate teams of all sizes.

Support your team, move them to CloudRepo.

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Built for Java and Python Engineering Teams

Provide private Maven Artifact Repositories for your Java Engineers to share their libraries, jars, and more.

Provide private PyPi Repositories for your Python Engineers to share their binaries and libraries with each other.

Simplify the lives of your Polyglot programmers by providing a single solution.

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Configure Clients

Follow our step by step guides for how to configure Maven or PyPi.

Deploy Your Components!

Once deployed, your components are available for the rest of your team!

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