Manage All of Your Maven Artifacts

CloudRepo is a cloud based artifact repository manager.
Store all of your Maven artifacts (jars, sources, docs, libraries, etc.) in the cloud so that you can spend your time building your product.

Maven Support

Configure Maven to read and write from CloudRepo. No special software needed.


Unlimited Data Transfer

Stop worrying about data transfer limits!

CloudRepo offers plans with unlimited data transfer.


High Availability

Avoid Developer Interruption with the high availability of CloudRepo


Public and Private Maven Repositories

Share your maven artifacts with the public using public maven repositories. Allow anyone to download your maven artifacts at anytime.

Private maven repositories allow you to share your artifacts only with the people you want.


Industry Leading Pricing

No one comes close to matching or beating our pricing. Save time and money when you store your artifacts with CloudRepo.


User Management

Manage the users who access your repositories with CloudRepo's user management.


Access Controls

CloudRepo offers two types of access to maven repositories: read/write or read only.

Users with read/write access upload and download maven artifacts from CloudRepo.

Users with read only permissions can only read maven artifacts from CloudRepo.


Continuous Integration and Delivery

CloudRepo plugs into your Continuous Delivery Pipeline

Follow best practices and restrict publishing maven artifacts to your pipeline while granting read only access to your developers.


SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

All APIs use HTTPS in order to protect the privacy of your maven artifacts as they're being uploaded or downloaded.